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Visit Akko (Acre)

On this page you will find links and useful information for planning your next visit to Acre.

Old Acre Development Company website

Here you will find useful information, itineraries and sites, recommendations for recreation, group activities and a photo gallery.

The Akko Economic Company website

Information on cultural events, festivals, hotels and B&Bs, historical sites, recommended routes, guided tours, restaurants and tourist attractions.

Treasures of the Galilee

"Treasures of the Galilee" is a non-profit enterprise founded in 2013 by the philanthropic businesswoman and social entrepreneur Raya Strauss Ben Dror. The Galilee Treasures Project has gathered the best tourism businesses in the Western Galilee, and offers a variety of vacation options, from a one-day getaway to a vacation of several days.

Old Acre website (Hebrew)

On this site you can purchase vouchers such as the tasting card of Acre, and find comprehensive information on tours, restaurants, accommodation, sites and more.

Masa Acher (Hebrew)

The complete guide to a trip to Acre: background and preparations, attractions and sites, hiking trails, trips with the children, food and entertainment and hotels and accommodation.

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